If you’ve never been to the Folk & Costume Museum why not take advantage of FREE entry as part of the CI Heritage Festival on April 18th with activities for little and big kids alike. This year we will be doing a lot of dressing up to celebrate our Victorian childhood fashion display currently on this year.

For children (under12) we will be running a costume contest, so come to the museum dressed as a Victorian characters and you will get a chance to win a variety of prizes. The museum will also provide a range of costumes so everyone of all ages can take part in the various activities throughout the day.

Full itinerary:

Open at: 10am

10.25 – 10.45:  Victorian Daily Exercises (All ages)
Start your day off right by partaking in a Victorian Exercise session incorporating some traditional exercise equipment

11.00 – 12.30: Vine ladder book signing (Adult interest)
Author Mike De C will be signing copies of his book Vineladders of Guernsey which records this unusual aspect of the island’s growing industry past and the examples that can still be found across the islands today.

11.15 – 11.45: Presentation Talk on Les Caches Farm (Same at 13.45) (Adult Interest)
Ahead of this year’s reopening of the National Trust property at Les Caches in the Forest learn about the history of the site and the restoration in recent years

12.00 – 12.45   Butter making and Gauche tasting (Ages 6 upwards)
Learn about the traditional butter making process and try your hand at making some yourself that you can then enjoy with free samples of Guernsey Gauche

13.00 – 13.20   Dressing up contest and ‘Mini Chevauchee’ (For under 12s)
To celebrate this year’s museum themes of Victorian children and new dress up areas in the museum this year’s Heritage Open Day will run a dress up contest for children under 12. Come to the museum in Victorian dress and win a prize for your efforts. For those not in costume we can provide a selection of outfits for a ‘mini’ re-enactment of the island’s chevauchee around the museum grounds.

13.45 – 14.15:  Presentation Talk on Les Caches Farm (Same as 11.15) (Adult Interest)
Ahead of this year’s reopening of the National Trust property at Les Caches in the Forest learn about the history of the site and the restoration in recent years.

14.45 – 15.15   Heritage Washday
Roll your sleeves up and get wet by taking part in a traditional washday activity. Learn about washing in the past before getting hands on with washboards, mangles and some vintage irons.

Closing at: 16:00

Other activities:

  • Standard galleries opening: enjoy the museum galleries telling the story of the day to day lives of Guernsey people over the last 250 years.
  • Museum gift shop open: browse a selection of traditional toys and gifts as well as exclusively designed products celebrating aspects of Guernsey life and heritage.
  • Victorian indoor and outdoor games: take a chance to play some old fashioned games for all ages.
  • Dress up areas: try on a variety of clothing items for both children and adults to reflect the island’s most extensive historic costume collection.
  • Family Quiz trails: have a go at a free quiz while you go around the museum picking either a quiz just for the children or a mega quiz for the whole family.
  • Suggest a name for a Pig competition (20p donation required): the museum will be restoring our Pig sty area this year and we need help in funding the repair of the sty doors and installation of information panels. For a small donation you can suggest a name for the model pigs that will be living here when the area is fully restored.

Christian Morris
Folk & Costume Museum Curator
Tel: 01481 255384 (on-site)
Mob: 07781 127476 (off-site)
Email: folkmuseumntgsy@cwgsy.net

Folk & Costume Museum,
Saumarez Park,
Route de Cobo, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7UJ