Council Elections 2021

Annual general meeting

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting held last September, Members approved a revised set of Rules including a new provision that: "No later than two months before the date fixed for the AGM, the Council will identify those Councillors whose Term will cease, or who have given prior notice of their intention to resign, at the AGM. The Council shall publish on the Trust’s website and through social media, notice of, and an invitation to submit nominations from Members to fill, such vacancies." 

The Council has now identified the following vacancies and is pleased to invite Members to consider standing for election to these offices: 

Land Manager
Planning Officer
General Councillors - three vacancies

The office of Secretary has been vacant since the 2020 AGM, while the other vacancies will arise either from the completion of the current officeholder’s three-year term or from the requirement that a co-opted Councillor shall hold office only until the next AGM. 

Please note that all current officeholders, including co-opted Councillors, are eligible to stand for election. Expressions of interest or requests for further information should be sent to Peter Hughes, General Councillor, by email to [email protected]. He will then advise on the process to follow, including how to submit nominations for the elections, which will be held at the 2021 AGM on Wednesday, 29th September at Les Caches Farm.