Folk and Costume Museum opens for 2022


The Folk and Costume Museum opens for the season on 5th April. 

Alongside permanent exhibitions of Guernsey’s lived history, two new and beautifully curated fashion exhibitions open for 2022: ‘Living in a Material World 1980’s’ and ‘From Pockets to Handbags’ covering the evolution of the pocket, to handbags and luggage. 

Dip your dancing toes into the 1980s with the first floor exhibition ‘Living in a Material World’ – dedicated to fashion and disco vibe of the eighties, or be a more sedate time lord at the ground floor 'From Pockets to Handbags' exhibition displaying antique pockets, vintage handbags, luggage for ‘international travel’ and a quirky designer collection. 

The museum is access-friendly for all ages, including a lift to first floor Costume Exhibitions.

The Founders' Room – a new exhibition space for Art at The Park – will display the work of local artists throughout the year, starting with Chris Griffiths’s exhibition entitled ‘Landscape’.

Children must be accompanied. Free entry. Donations welcome.