"We have a duty to save the things that mattered to us, to Guernsey, and which would be of considerable interest to our children and grandchildren... we must create in the minds of the young an appreciation of the countryside, the wonders of the seashore and the things that really matter in life."

Raymond Falla OBE (1901-1991); Past President (1973-1976)

Our Cause

To preserve and enhance Guernsey’s heritage and its natural beauty, including its historic buildings, open spaces and plant and animal life.

Since 1960 and with the support of volunteers, Members and benefactors the National Trust of Guernsey remains steadfast in its purpose to preserve Guernsey's heritage and traditions for future generations.

What We Do

We are a charity that works to safeguard and maintain Guernsey's heritage and traditions.

Over the last sixty years, the Trust has become Guernsey's third largest landowner, restored and opened heritage buildings and safeguarded properties, lands and artefacts for everyone to enjoy, long into the future.

Staff and Council Members

Volunteer Council Members and dedicated staff work together in finance and administration, property and land management, and the presentation of our public-facing premises to many visitors.

Jemma Charlotte Field

Estate Manager and Co-ordinator
E: [email protected]

Jake Le Gallez

Manager, Folk and Costume Museum
E: [email protected]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gsyfolkcostume/
Twitter: @NtFolk

Caro Drake

Manager, Victorian Shop & Parlour, Costume Curator.
E: [email protected]

Mike Brown

E: [email protected]

Sara-Jane Lampitt

Vice President, Honorary Public Relations Officer, Media and Newsletter Editor
E: [email protected]

Steve Hogg

Honorary Treasurer

Ross Gregory

Honorary Secretary

Colin Gaudion

Lands Manager

Olly Brock

Planning Officer

Sean Martin

Council Member

Who we work with

The Trust works closely with local and world-wide organisations to collect and share vital data, knowledge, skills and experience.