Lé Petit Viaër Marchi 2021


Having taken the regrettable decision to cancel Lé Viaër Marchi due to Covid uncertainties, we are taking the intrinsic elements of this grand event to a manageable scale with a two-day event Lé Petit Viaër Marchi to be held on the courtyard at The Folk and Costume Museum, Saumarez Park. 

Lé Petit Viaér Marchi hosts stallholders, entertainment, craft demonstrations and food stalls. Being open over two days, and with a busy Summer event calendar happening around the Island, this is a softer opportunity to people to visit in their own time.

In these strange times, we are stepping back to where the original Viaër Marchi started in 1970 and appreciate how lucky we are to be able to host this in beautiful heritage surroundings.