Bozena Pollock exhibition


Bozena Pollock will be exhibiting at National Trust of Guernsey's Art at The Park Gallery, The Folk and Costume Museum, Saumarez Park from Tuesday 12 September to Friday 6 October.

Open 10am – 5pm seven days a week.Admission is free. The Museum is access-friendly. ­We look forward to welcoming you.

Bozena Pollock

Bozena Pollock’s panoramic landscape paintings, focused on beautiful Guernsey the second largest of the Channel Islands – where she now lives and alternates a blossoming art career with raising a family – have a sensual touch and joyously expansive way with colour. The paintings are genuine expressions of flowing, informal, atmospheric colour which carries an almost autonomous abstraction of mark. The paintings celebrate the looming vastness of the surrounding oceanic environment with its large skies, dramatic sunsets and clear, ever-changing seas. “Sunsetting at Cobo” and “Fairy Ring” also relate to the ancient awe-inspiring aspect of this landscape. 

Trained at Krakow and Chelsea, Pollock worked in restoration and picture conservation, activities locating her in a serious and professional institutional milieu. Working during her student years at the National Portrait Gallery London and Hampton Court, among other places, Pollock developed an important and useful art history awareness as well as an intimacy with the physical nature of old, modern and contemporary art. The imaginative daring of her paint handling and imaginative vigour of her ever-changing palette surely reflects a mid-european sensibility and heightened appreciation for the soulful retrospection of the Expressionist tradition. 

True to her cosmopolitan education Pollock has a lofty set of influences. Inspired by the Post Impressionists, by Renoir, who famously painted on the Island at Moulin Huet, by local artist Larry Ham as well as by the Americans De Kooning and Diebenkorn, Pollock forges an elemental landscape vision impregnated with a flowing, almost abstract autonomy of colour. Pollock augments her characteristic painterliness with textured nuance, the incorporation of torn collage elements embedded into the paint surface investing the picture with a palpable tactility, the physical nature of which compliments the mercurial energy and atmospheric strength of these irresistible pictures. 

Peter Davies, July 2017


2023 September: National Trust of Guernsey Art in The Park Solo Show 2023 July, 2022 August, 2021 September: exhibited in Alderney at Le Passage Gallery 2023 May: exhibited at The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath at the Bath Society Annual Summer Open Exhibition, qualified for Bath Society Membership; exhibiting in two other years May 2022 and May 2017. 2022 exhibiting in Gallery in Bath “Five For The Fall” Exhibiting regularly and taking part in shows at The Gate House Gallery - Elizabeth College Guernsey December 2020: exhibiting with Ladies Who Pot, Pottery Exhibition, Gate House Gallery, December 2020 2021: exhibiting and donating paintings for The Pollinator Project and Les Bourgs Hospice at St James 2020: The George Crossan Gallery Inner Market joint exhibition with four other Guernsey Artists 2018: Coach House Gallery Solo Exhibition and Sula Gallery exhibition 2017: Two Paintings Purchased By Guernsey Museum for permanent Collection – In Flight and La Bette. Painting In Flight selected for 2017 RA Summer Exhibition 2015: Finalist JJ Fox Summer Show Jersey, J J Fox Exhibition at St James Guernsey 2014: La Coupee, Sark – Painting of the Month exhibited at the Guernsey Museum June 2014. Lynn Painters - Stainer Prize London, Marine Exhibition 2014 Green House Gallery Guernsey Museum; Exhibiting with 6 artists, work created to music by Flexagon composer and DJ. 

In recent years, I had great pleasure in taking on private commissions for clients. The paintings are discussed with the individual and I take a step by step process to create a unique piece of art to sit proudly in their homes or offices, where they provide a splash of colour and texture. I have been teaching art for various charities in Guernsey amongst them Art for Impact in 2021 which I found very rewarding. I am an Art Therapist which I really enjoy and occasionally I take on private clients or students wanting to progress further in their artwork.