Folk and Costume Museum opens for 2023


The Folk and Costume Museum opens for the season on 4th April. 

Alongside permanent exhibitions of Guernsey’s lived history, the Costume Exhibitions showcase two beautifully curated fashion themes. The elegance of Georgian fashion is portrayed with a selection of the earliest and most revered garments in our collection. 

On Monday 16th April 1759 during the reign of George II, Jean Guille aged 27, son of wealthy merchant Jean Guille and his wife Elizabeth Andros, married Marie de Carteret at Castel Church. The bride’s dress is exhibited, together with the wedding attire of her future sister-in-law. A fine selection of Georgian waistcoats is displayed in the secondary exhibition case. Featuring exquisite Georgian embroidery patterns and designs, these historic garments are the stars of the National Trust of Guernsey’s costume collection. 

By popular demand our ground-floor exhibition from 2022 remains. ‘From Pockets to Handbags’ covers the evolution of the pocket, to handbags and luggage, featuring all of the latter and a quirky collection by renowned designer Lulu Guinness.

Both floors of costume exhibitions allow visitors a trip back through time, where costume drama's come to life and memories will certainly be jogged by many of the handbags on display. 

The museum is access-friendly for all ages, including a lift to first floor Costume Exhibitions. 

The exhibition space "Art at The Park" will display the work of local artists throughout the year. A central feature of the museum, the gallery opens up onto the remarkable cobbled courtyard, where visitors are welcome to relax and take in the surroundings. Please see further Event dates for more information.

Children must be accompanied. Free entry. Donations welcome.