Gerie Green Art and Textile exhibition


Of Paint and Pearls showcases paintings and embroidery works inspired by Guernsey’s beautiful landscapes, sea creatures and dramatic skies. 

Gerie Green is a year-round sea swimmer who lives in Forest with a teenager and two cats.  She has always felt that making and creating is her true purpose.  Gerie studied Textiles, Fashion and Fine Art for A-level, went on to complete an Art Foundation Course at Bournemouth.   Since then, she has continued to draw, paint and create throughout her life.

This exhibition shows Gerie’s personal journey into nature and spirituality that has taken place over the past three years.  Since Covid struck, Gerie has felt compelled to get closer to nature and driven to express that connection through art.

Producing work full of colour and texture that looks like it’s jumping out of the frame, Gerie describes her work as Expressionist - somewhere in between abstract and traditional.  As her art journey has intensified so has her interest in ancient spiritual practices which serve to strengthen her connection with the Earth and the environment. She paints intuitively, attempting to channel energy from her subjects into interesting markings that create unique and original pieces.