Creve Coeur revealed


Drone footage of National Trust lands has been on our wish list for a long time and since joining us earlier this year, Fred Wynn Professional Drone Photographer, Council Member and Volunteer, brings a valuable set of skills to the Trust. Many of our lands are familiar to Islanders, but access to Creve Coeur has been extremely limited for years. With all permissions granted, a bird's eye view of Creve Coeur can now be seen for the first time.

The story of Creve Coeur is nearly thirty years old and warrants a brief explanation. In 1995, a land exchange agreement was reached between the Trust and the States, that this area of land which included National Trust land, would be used as a landfill site, on the proviso that on completion, the entire site would be given to the Trust in a green and safe condition, suitable for public enjoyment. Creve Coeur has now been fully utilised for landfill purposes and, having been fenced off for over a quarter of a century, areas of natural habitat with protected species have become established. 

Therefore, going forward under the responsibility of the Trust:  

  • Wildlife habitat areas will remain undisturbed and protected by carefully planned fencing.
  • Existing fencing will not be removed until new fencing is in place.
  • Areas for public access will be defined, with great emphasis on access-friendly pathways and areas. Indeed, we would like this to be Guernsey’s first landscape designed for use by everyone. 
  • The responsibility of future safety of the site remains with the States this includes coastal repairs. Warranties are included, which protect our exposure. We also have the right to give the entire site back to the States if problems occur in the future. 
  • An Ecology Report, commissioned by Ronez for the Trust at Ronez’s cost, has been carried out by Andy Law from SLR, a UK based company whose surveying services include waste management. Our thanks to Ronez.
  • For wildlife and habitat preservation we hope to be working in conjunction with La SociétéACLMSRSPB and Trees for Life, to agree the open and protected areas.

Protection of the established natural environment is of utmost importance to National Trust of Guernsey.
We now await completed paperwork from the States.

Creve Coeur drone footage