Elizabeth College start sapling planting project at Les Caches Farm

Les Caches Farm

Jemma Field, National Trust of Guernsey with Elizabeth College VIth form volunteers Our Estate Manager and Coordinator, Jemma Field, stands sparkling, if diminutive amongst four towering Elizabeth College students who make up the National Trust of Guernsey Rangers whose project is the planting of donated saplings. After a year of ground work installing a gridforce parking area at Les Caches Farm followed by a hot, dry summer, the land is ready for about forty hand-raised saplings to take root. Grown from seed by a kind benefactor who sadly passed away during 2020, the treasured collection includes varietes of oak, chestnut and beech. The planting plan provides shade for the field car park, a copse in which to play or rest awhile (bring chair, bring book)  and essential wind breaks along surrounding field borders.  The benefactor's express wish that the sapling collection was given to the National Trust of Guernsey remains respected, with a project to enhance the landscape and environment at Les Caches Farm. We anticipate the full spectrum of trees to be planted and staked before the end of Autumn with the help of Elizabeth College volunteers under the guidance of Council Member Sean Martin. We look forward to showing the completed planting project during Spring 2021 and for many years beyond. Sean Martin, National Trust of Guernsey with Elizabeth College VIth form volunteers help plant donated saplings at Les Caches Farm