Once Upon an Island by Penny Dawes

Art at The Park

We are thrilled that National Trust of Guernsey properties, places and artefacts feature in Penny's beautiful illustrations. The stories are charismatic and intriguing ... we can't wait to see the book. Congratulations Penny!

Sara Lampitt for National Trust of Guernsey

Penny Dawes, author and illustrator of ‘Once Upon an Island – A Treasury of Guernsey Folklore’ opens a solo exhibition at Art at The Park, National Trust of Guernsey Folk and Costume Museum, Saumarez Park on Friday 11th November 2022.

Original artwork from the soon-to-be launched and beautifully illustrated book transports us to an enchanted ancient Guernsey of wizards and witches (of both white witchcraft and dark magic), potions and spells, fairies, mermaids and superstitions. Many characters and creatures can be discovered in Penny’s magical and mysterious illustrations of ancient Guernsey folklore.
We are thrilled that National Trust properties, places and artefacts feature in Penny’s illustrations.

‘Once Upon an Island’ – a treasury of Guernsey’s Folklore will be available to buy at The Museum Christmas Shop and at the Blue Ormer Publishing stall at our Christmas Courtyard Market, and online at www.blueormer.co.uk.

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