Re-thatching the roof ridge at Les Caches Farm

Les Caches Farm | Restoration

Thatching Les Caches Farm roof – 2008 Some of the local bird population have finally twigged the plethora of nest-building materials available by way of the thatched roof at National Trust of Guernsey's showcase Guernsey property, Les Caches Farm. Instated in 2008, the thatched roof has stood strong and fast. Indeed, in context of problematic water courses and naturally porous granite – to name but a few difficulties –  the thatch has been the least of our worries. Current remedial work to the roof ridge, undertaken by Tristan Johnson, Master Thatcher and his team, is an unusual sight to behold and will take about a fortnight to complete. This is not a hard hat area and adult visitors are welcome to view the work in progress from a sensible distance and enjoy a fine opportunity to watch traditional master craftsmen at work. We are not creating an event around the re-thatching, as the weather will undoubtedly determine which days are good to visit and view. Please enjoy Trust surroundings, including our fine young The Apple Orchard which has just produced its first crop. If you don't mind ducking scaffolding, the interior of Les Caches Farm can be enjoyed until our season ends on Thursday 28th September. Free admission. Donations towards the upkeep and enhancement of Les Caches Farm are greatly appreciated. Les Caches Farm (interior) is open: Tuesdays: 1pm – 3pm Thursdays: 10.30am – 12.30pm Season closes Thursday 28th September Contact: Christian Morris, Folk and Costume Museum Curator. T: 01481 255384 M: 07781 127476 E: [email protected] Perry’s guide reference: Page 28, D4 Accessible using the following bus routes: 11 and 91 Alight from the bus at the Airport or Forest Stores. Scaffolding goes up, prior to re-thatching of the roof ridge, by Master Thatcher Tristan Johnson and team.