Specially designed 'Gone Fishing' Puffin T-shirts for sale at our museum shop

Folk and Costume Museum | Puffin Trail 2019

'Gone Fishing' Puffin t-shirts as worn by Cleo Morellec (3), Max Morellec (7) and George Morellec (5) Joining in the theme of the Puffin Trail at National Trust of Guernsey’s Folk and Costume Museum, these specially designed  'Gone Fishing' cotton t-shirts can be bought at the museum shop, Saumarez Park. What's more, our special puffin - cleverly designed by Ann Segers - needs a name. All part of the Puffin Trail ... competition closes on 4th September. Available in sizes XS (3-4yrs) S (5-6) and M (7-8) for £9.99 each. They’re sure made from super comfortable cotton and are sure to bring fond memories of a Guernsey summer for Islanders and visitors to Guernsey. If you’re buying to take home to far flung places, send us a photograph and let’s see how far our Gone Fishing Puffin flies around the world!  Photograph by Patois Photography ©National Trust of Guernsey Puffin Design ©Ann Segers