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After our fundraising launch to engage Islanders with helping us to protect Guernsey's natural heritage – three big thank you’s! 

Thank you for the original comment on Guernsey Wildlife page which prompted the unanimous agreement that NTG should act fast re Talbot Valley land and, importantly, find a way to act fast in the future. There is a lot coming up – and that’s just what we know about through local news. 

Thank you to Guernsey Evening Press for publishing Talbot Valley land acquisition news so accurately and with great prominence. The Opinion column eloquently indicated our call to arms for Islanders to urgently get on board land preservation, independently and away from the push and pull of States deliberations. 

Thank YOU for your support in seizing this initiative to go forward as Islanders together, to ensure that Guernsey’s lands are protected and preserved for future generations. 

A quote from our fundraising page "Everyone who loves this beautiful island should donate". 

How to support us: 

“It is a well-timed message … it’s an appeal that chimes with the times”

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How to support this aim and National Trust of Guernsey

We would appreciate your support and Membership of National Trust of Guernsey for our work on Island. Members also benefit from huge worldwide free access to heritage sites, including all of National Trust England, Wales and Northern Ireland and over 80 member organisations of International National Trusts Organisation.

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