The green kitchen, fly-tipped on National Trust of Guernsey land


Article by Guernsey Press 15 October 2020 Islanders may have read about ‘the green kitchen’, recently fly-tipped on National Trust land. Not green in the environmental sense of the word, just plain awful and a shocking blot on nature’s landscape, all thanks to thoughtless individuals.  The story attracted a heartwarming response from an Islander who, upon learning of this mindless act of environmental vandalism, offered to refund the Trust for the cost of clearing and properly disposing of the discarded kitchen.  For this act of kindness, we are extremely touched and extend very great thanks. It is important that fly-tipped rubbish on the cliffs is reported as it could be a danger to wildlife and the public. If it is on National Trust of Guernsey land, please contact the Trust: [email protected]