The Travel Corporation volunteers at Lé Viaër Marchi, 2017

Viaer Marchi

Setting up and dismantling the National Trust of Guernsey's great annual get-together 'Lé Viaër Marchi', attracting crowds of around 6,000, requires a task force of volunteers. Each year, we are incredibly grateful to very many volunteers, often from corporate organisations who actively encourage a corporate social responsibility programme (CSR).  The statistics involved - i.e., the setting out of hundreds of chairs and many tables, laying meters and meters of electric cables, siting generators, ticket gate assembly and management, building performing artist platforms and so on - are not for the faint-hearted and so, it is with utmost sincerity that we thank volunteer teams involved with Lé Viaër Marchi. We simply couldn't do it without you. The event is being held on Monday 3rd July from 5pm-sunset, at Saumarez Park and three local businesses are providing volunteer teams for 2017. Our third shout-out goes to TTC, for providing volunteers to help man the gates and provide teams on the ground at Saumarez Park. Thanks also to our main event sponsor The Channel Islands Co-operative Society. How, where and why the National Trust of Guernsey is indebted to Volunteers