Viaër Marchi 2021 sadly cancelled

Viaer Marchi

Wednesday 7 April 2021 — Today, National Trust of Guernsey announce the decision to cancel Lé Viaër Marchi 2021 which, since 1970, has been a much-loved community gathering, and known to herald the start of Guernsey’s summer.

“The event attracts crowds of over seven thousand people, which says so much about how embedded this is in Guernsey’s annual calendar. In these unpredictable times, we simply cannot guarantee that the event could safely take place, right at the start of the Summer and probably as Guernsey’s first big event that coincides with the earliest projected opening of the Island’s borders. The spirit of Lé Viaër Marchi is all about meeting many people and having a good catch up.

Despite the superb vaccination programme and extremely helpful advice from Public Health, we are mindful of the enormous effort involved by our food caterers, entertainers and stallholders and feel the need to remain cautious. For everyone’s efforts to be cancelled at short notice is unfair, and as organisers of a very large event, we are making this call mindful of everyone involved. We deeply regret the disappointment that this decision may bring.”

Tony Spruce, President, National Trust of Guernsey

Alternative arrangements – Lé Petit Viaër Marchi.

We are taking the intrinsic elements of Lé Viaër Marchi to a manageable scale and, aim to host a two-day event which will take place at the Folk and Costume Museum Courtyard on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 July. If all goes well, then everything that everyone loves about Lé Viaër Marchi can be enjoyed at Lé Petit Viaër Marchi. Everything will be reproduced with stallholders, entertainment, craft demonstrations and food stalls.

Being open over two days, and with a busy Summer event calendar happening around the Island, this is a softer opportunity to people to visit in their own time.

It’s where the original Viaër Marchi started and feels comforting in these strange times to be able to wind the clock back to something of old. We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. We appreciate how lucky we are to have a beautiful heritage place where we can provide an alternative to what we usually know. I would like to thank the public and our staff and volunteers for their support and being able to adapt to ever changing circumstances.

Tony Spruce, President, National Trust of Guernsey