Donation of funds for Talbot Valley land


During this period of National Mourning we have decided to release uplifting news of a most generous donation supporting National Trust of Guernsey's recently launched Land Acquisition Fund,  a fundraising campaign enabling the Trust to purchase and protect land against development.

The Swallow 2018 Charitable Trust has donated funds to cover the purchase costs and future associated costs in preserving land and creating a woodland trail at the Talbot Valley land situated at Rue a L’Eau. The site will be known as ‘The Swallow Trail’ in memory of the benefactor.

This donation frees up funds needed to cover the Trust's urgent decision to purchase the site. Funds donated at NTGs Land Acquisition Fundraising page currently stand at nearly £11,000 and puts the Trust in a promising position to be 'cash-ready' for future land purchase. Heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed. 

Launching a campaign to raise funds for land acquisition was very much a leap into the unknown for the Trust. This donation is astonishing, and gratefully received. Clearly Islanders care passionately about what is happening to our green spaces and justifies the move by the Trust, to raise the Environment to highest priority. It encourages us to do even more.

Mike Brown, Lands Manager, National Trust of Guernsey

Preserving woodland for the ongoing enjoyment of Islanders fits naturally with the objectives of the Swallow Trust to enhance Guernsey for the benefit of the whole community. We are delighted to work with the National Trust of Guernsey to kick start their new lands acquisition campaign and to make this vision of a woodland trail a reality.

Stephen Ainsworth, Trustee, Swallow 2018 Charitable Trust

This heavily-wooded site is full of biodiversity and we hope that its safeguarding by National Trust of Guernsey will serve as a catalyst for like-minded organisations to start working together to enhance the attractiveness of the site to indigenous species of plants, insects and birds. We will sympathetically improve public access cognisant that the preservation of flora and fauna is of paramount importance. If appropriate, we hope to install a bird watching hide, along with bird and bat boxes.

We are also mindful of The Queen's Green Canopy, a unique initiative created to mark the Platinum Jubilee of the late Elizabeth II. As well as inviting the planting of new trees, The Queen’s Green Canopy aimed to establish a dedicated network of 70 Ancient Woodlands across the United Kingdom. The land at Rue a L'Eau, Talbot Valley is certainly a canopied area of ancient trees, young trees and ground covering plants with evidence of past agriculture in a tiered landscape. 

Some of Guernsey’s most spectacular wooded areas can also be found in the Talbot Valley and along with The Ron Short Walk and Le Petit Pré Orchid field, National Trust of Guernsey is delighted to be able to preserve another land area in the heart of the Island.

National Trust of Guernsey is grateful to fundraisers for Land Acquisition purposes and the Swallow 2018 Charitable Trust for this significant shift, enabling future acquisition.