NTG and Smile for Georgie Foundation


The National Trust of Guernsey is pleased to announce an alliance with the Smile for Georgie Foundation aimed at opening up carefully defined areas for public enjoyment at Creve Coeur whilst protecting the natural habitat which has evolved during thirty years of the site being closed off for landfill purposes. 

The National Trust of Guernsey and Smile for Georgie Foundation hope to work with La Société, RSPB Guernsey and Trees for Life to establish protected areas and environmental enhancement of the site. 

The Smile for Georgie Foundation which was established in January 2018, with the purpose of making a difference in the local community through small acts of kindness, is pleased to work with the National Trust to establish pathways, a viewing station, a picnic area, and, subject to States of Guernsey permission, a trim trail for visitors to enjoy. The charity intends to make what was once a former landfill site and closed off corner of Guernsey into a pleasant place for families to visit and spend a few hours of their valuable leisure time. 

Details of the proposed paths and an organic trim trail will be released in due course, together with planting proposals, protection of wildlife areas and additional features which will be educational and attractive to nature lovers of all ages. 

The Smile for Georgie Foundation is delighted to announce that the majority of the net proceeds from The Tour of the Roses 2023 cycling tour from St Malo to Avignon in September 2023 will contribute to the development of ‘The Smile for Georgie Nature Reserve’ at National Trust of Guernsey’s Creve Coeur site. The Tour is attracting a large number of local participants and support for which the foundation’s Trustees are grateful.

“We are looking forward to working with the National Trust of Guernsey to transform Creve Coeur into a wonderful nature reserve; the land fill site was closed in 1998 and has not been accessible to the public since. We aim to create a balance that will allow people to enjoy the wonderful views the location has to offer whilst enjoying walking the paths and being close to nature. The trim trail, if approved, will encourage people to have fun and stay healthy whilst visiting the reserve. Those who knew Georgie will appreciate the positive contribution she made to life and the smile she had for everyone. The Foundation aims to reflect her personality in all that it does.”

Smile for Georgie Founding Trustee, Jenny le Prevost

“We fully support the aims of The Smile for Georgie Foundation and are grateful for their generous proposal to help bring this area to public enjoyment. We are delighted that two local charities are able to work together in protecting and opening up an impressive expanse of Island land. From the top of Creve Coeur, the islands of Alderney and Lihou can easily be seen, together with sunrise and sunset. It is an uplifting and remarkable location which we look forward to sharing with islanders, visitors and supporters of National Trust of Guernsey and The Smile for Georgie Foundation.”

National Trust of Guernsey President, Mike Brown

The Smile for Georgie Foundation can be contacted at [email protected] 

The National Trust of Guernsey can be contacted at: [email protected]