Penny Dawes bespoke Christmas Card

26 Cornet Street | Christmas Courtyard Market 2022 | The Museum Christmas Shop

We are thrilled to share news of Penny Dawes’s bespoke Christmas card for National Trust of Guernsey. 

The beautiful entrance archway at Les Caches Farm forms part of Penny’s illustration for the tale ‘Two of a Trade Cannot Agree’ in Penny’s book Once Upon an Island, recently published through Blue Ormer. The drawing has been specially adapted for the Trust, with hand-coloured stonework and greenery, where a smiling cat sits on the threshold of the garlanded doorway along with the decorated windowsill above. The book’s folklore story explains the reason behind the temptingly decorated entrances at the farmhouse and judging by the cat’s face, a successful mission is anticipated. 

Penny’s adapted artwork has been provided at no cost to the Trust and she has asked that a percentage of sales goes towards the Land Acquisition Fund, aimed at securing land purchase for preservation. 

Thank you so much Penny and to everyone who buys the cards. Cards are available to buy at The Museum Christmas Shop, Saumarez Park and The Victorian Christmas Shop at No. 26 Cornet Street. The book ‘Once Upon an Island’ will be available to buy at The Museum Christmas Shop and The Christmas Courtyard Market at the Blue Ormer stall.